Meet Your Career Happiness Composer: Joshua Rivers

Joshua Rivers: Career happiness Composer

(or Content and Marketing Manager)

Joshua was an amateur web developer since 1995. In 2010, he started creating websites for small organizations and churches. Josh started blogging about this same time, but got more serious about blogging regularly in mid-2012 after reading Michael Hyatt’s book, “Platform.” In early 2013, Josh started a podcast to go along with his blog. He started a second podcast six months later.

He “accidentally” got a client for podcast editing in early 2015, followed by a second client (hint, this second client was HTYC!). This was an eye-opener for Josh. He was only getting sporadic clients for web development, and this new work with podcast editing was becoming more consistent. He started adding a few more clients. He officially registered his business as Podcast Guy Media, LLC in January 2016.

In 2019, Josh went from managing just the podcast to managing all content and marketing for HTYC.


Favorite Books: 

  • The Bible
  • The ONE Thing

Fun Fact:

He grew up as a city boy, but has recently moved to the country and started a little 10-acre homestead with a garden, a dog, a bunch of chickens, and some pigs.

Assessments Results:

  • Strengths Finder:
    • Belief
    • Responsibility
    • Learner
    • Analytical
    • Intellection
  • DiSC: High C
Why you do work with HTYC:

I absolutely love the message of HTYC. I met and supported Scott during his launching of the podcast and business. I listened to every episode and kept in contact with Scott. After a year and half, I joined the team to help with the podcast post production. As the work and podcast grew, my responsibilities with the podcast grew as well. I am so excited to work on this podcast and to work with this team to help people make massive change in their lives.

Podcast Episodes with Joshua

What peeps say after working with Joshua
I would absolutely recommend that anybody else who needs just a phenomenal job of post production, but also needs some very innovative ways to take time off your hands and provide additional value to you, you gotta go with this guy.
Scott Barlow

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