Scott Anthony Barlow

Alyssa Barlow

Scott Anthony Barlow is the Founder and CEO of Happen to Your Career. He’s been featured on CNBC, Yahoo, CareerBuilder, Fast Company and Huffington Post and various Colleges and Universities as a top expert on Career Happiness. Additionally he's been a guest on hundreds of podcasts and personally helped thousands of people make career changes or start businesses. 

He gets way excited about careers, coffee, and parkour (not necessarily in that order). If you want to talk about psychology you'll have his attention for hours.

He lives with his wife Alyssa and 3 kids in Moses Lake Wa (and sometimes Paris or London) When he’s not traveling he and his team run 2 of the top 5 “Career Change” Podcasts on iTunes including the Happen to Your Career Podcast. 

I am a mother of three children 18 months apart, 1 girl and 2 boys. I  am a certified teacher in the state of Washington with a bachelors degree in reading. I taught kindergarten and first grade for 9 years, after graduating from college, until I  was able to pursue my passion as a stay at home mom. I believe that a parent is a child's first teacher and even as a young child I remember wanting nothing more than being a mom when I grew up. I love being able to use my natural talents as an educator with my own children at home in all areas of life not just schooling. I am married to Scott, a true entrepreneur. He challenges me and the children daily to live life to our full potential and with a great passion. He is the wow, I am the how. I love to organize and keep,things running smoothly. I am also a bit of a nerd and enjoy working with the numbers of the business.

Phillip Migyanko

He's the Director of Student Success. His mission is to ensure all of HTYC students are the most successful and each has tools to start doing work they love.

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Joshua Rivers

He's the Career Happiness Composer (i.e. Content Manager). Since joining the team in 2015, he has helped to make improvements to the HTYC podcast.

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Mo Chanmugham

After a string of “dream jobs”, he invested in his own personal development to get a better sense of what he truly cared about.

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Jennifer Stokes

Jennifer is passionate about the power of the professional coaching partnership! With 7+ years and 2000+ hours of delivering high impact coaching experiences, she helps individuals shift their perception of what is possible, honor their purpose and passion and fearlessly take life-changing risks. 

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Sharissa Sebastian

Sharissa Sebastian is a leadership and executive coach with an MBA. She has 15+ years of corporate leadership experience in addition to coaching several Fortune 100 executives. She's also a TEDx speaker, a writer for Forbes and the Huffington Post, and a member of Forbes Coaches Council.

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