Finally Get

What You Want out of Your Career (and Life)

Accepting Applications Starting February 5, 2020… 

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 How Would Your Life Change

 If you were Working In A Career that Allows You

to Be The Person You Want to Be?

What if you knew exactly what you needed in your career and your life to thrive…instead of just checking all the boxes that high achievers normally do?

What if you had a customized plan to get there? What if you had someone who deeply cares about your success to support you along the way? What if you moved further in just months than you have in years?

What if you were able to work with a team of some of the best in the world at helping high performers make fulfilling career changes?

What if you were able to do the work you were meant to!

That’s the entire reason Happen to Your Career exists — and more importantly, that’s exactly what we offer in our career coaching!

We help you figure out the Career and Life you Really Want!

then make it happen!

WHo is our Signature Coaching Program For?

High Performers

You already have a track record of being successful in your job or personal life. Now, you want to redefine what success is for you.


We already know you can get “A JOB”, however, we know that you also don’t just want ANY job for your career. You want to be happy and challenged and well compensated!

Action Takers

You’ve probably already tried a few things, taking assessments, changing jobs, getting promoted, going back to school. You’re now ready to do something that works for your situation.

“I feel like I’m standing on my own ground… It’s a major Pay Raise for Me”

“Lisa was amazing! …It was helpful working with her because she helped me think about structuring how to talk to people about what I’m looking for and moving forward. There were moments when I would avoid an issue in my search and she would call me out and ask what I thought I was protecting by avoiding it.

I would have never thought before our coaching sessions that radical authenticity could take me this far! My presumption had always been to mold myself to what I thought people were looking for, and now that I’ve gone through it being authentic and honest, it’s nothing short of liberating.

I got to speak with someone at the firm this morning I think all that’s left really is pulling the trigger to send the email and letting them know when I want to start. Whew, talk about a whirlwind!”
– Rebecca Maddox, (Unusually Happy) Attorney
You’ve made the commitment to making your next career move, you now just need help with “what” and “how” to get there.

Just a few of the people we’ve Helped

Lisa has done an amazing job bringing my A+ game out from me, and I feel my big successes so far have gone further because of her guidance.

2 months to two job offers at great companies is a solid success.

– Mike Bigelow, Sustainable Engineering Leader
“Evangelia was the best! She helped me uncover my best self. With her help I got the role that I dreamed about in a way that was authentic to me!

…when we first met my body language was probably different, I looked different. I’ve lost 15 pounds eating chocolate and cake. I’m so much happier, I look better and feel better. I had gotten too deep and stayed too long. It was hard to see above the fence. She helped me through that.”

– Margaret Fredrickson, Senior Manager and Consultant
I wanted to clarify my skills and interests with a view to identifying my next career move. I was unsure about how to define myself because I’ve amassed a variety of skills over the years. I was confused about my professional identity and so I was lost and unsure about which route to move forward in.

Coaching has been enormously helpful in refining and defining my skill set, my strengths and interests and most importantly the areas of opportunity that are available to me. I am now clearer about my identity and what I offer employers.

I would say do not hesitate to give it a go. It’s absolutely an investment in yourself. There is no downside to an exercise that leaves you clearer about who you are, what you can do and what you want to do with your life going forward. It’s really that simple.

– Sutinder Bola, Director and Creative Producer

How Do We Help?

We learn about your personal situation, your goals, and exactly what you want out of coaching.

We pair you with one of our world class career coaches that have years of experience helping high performers just like you make career changes.

You work hand in hand with your coach there every step of the way to hold you accountable AND help you understand what are your most important actions to take.

We help you get the results you’re looking for.

We’ve helped hundreds of high performers through our signature coaching programs!

Scott Anthony Barlow, CEO of Happen to Your Career

How Our Signature Coaching Program Works

We work with most people in 4 month or 6 month engagements.

Our coaching packages are not limited to a “number of sessions” or an “allotted amount of emails” in a particular month.

Instead you choose the phase that makes sense for your situation and the amount of coaching you want that fits your preferences, budget and time you have to devote to the process, next we help you accomplish your goals!


We are only interested in working with people who genuinely want to care about the work that they are doing because we truly care about helping the people we work with… NOT just coaching just to coach.

Step 1: Which Phase(S) Do You Want Help With?

Phase 1: Figure Out What Your Ideal Career Can Be

  • Identify what your ideal career looks like
  • Translate your most valuable existing skills and experiences into what makes an amazing career for you
  • Design a plan to make your change.
  • Define Your Most Valuable Strengths and those you enjoy the most
  • Help you decide what you companies, careers, or roles can match (or don’t) and how to test them out

I Need Help Figuring Out What My Ideal Career/Roles/Companies Are


Phase 2: Make your Ideal Life and Career Happen

  • Develop a strategy to make your move that is specific and unique to you
  • Get help on how to strategically build relationships with people who can “help or hire” you
  • Get meetings and interviews with difficult to reach people
  • Become one of the world’s best interviewers
  • Consultation for any and all Marketing Materials that are a priority for you (Resume, LinkedIn, Personal Website Profile, Social Media Profiles)

I already know What My ideal career/Companies are


Step 2: How Much Coaching Support is right for You?


Choose the support you need to help you make your change

If you’re unsure we can help with this during your pre-coaching call after you apply for the program
  • 2x/month coaching
  • 4x/month coaching
  • 6X/month coaching

Step 3: You’re Paired with a world Class Coach


Kelly has spent her 15+ year career helping organizations and individuals kick ass and become better versions of themselves. Coaching, training, recruiting – you name it, she’s done it, and in a variety of industries ranging from advertising to behavioral health to tourism and beyond She’s a secret weapon for combatting employee engagement challenges and guiding individuals to achieve their dreams in all areas of their lives. 


Mo is a marketer turned entertainment lawyer turned career coach. He is an ICF certified professional coach (ACC) and completed his training through the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC). He is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a community of the world’s leading business and career coaches.


Jennifer is passionate about the power of the professional coaching partnership! With 7+ years and 2000+ hours of delivering high impact coaching experiences, she helps individuals shift their perception of what is possible, honor their purpose and passion and fearlessly take life-changing risks.


Sharissa is a leadership and executive coach with an MBA, MSc in Technology Leadership from the University of Maryland, and her PCC Certification (500+ coaching hrs) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), as well as a Myers Briggs Certified Practitioner. She has 15+ years of corporate leadership experience in addition to coaching several Fortune 100 executives.

Signature Coaching Comes With Everything You Need to Design Your Career or Make Your Change

Certified Professional Coach

You’ll be able to get the support and accountability you need from professionals that have done this hundreds of times before.

Access to HTYC Exclusive Training

You get access to all of the HTYC course curriculums on a   dashboard on our student site. You’ll get expanded learning in Videos, audio, transcripts, etc for the entire time you’re working with our program. (This alone is worth thousands of dollars)

Unlimited Email Support

For Signature Coaching Clients enrolled in our Unlimited Level. Get help via email for any questions directly from your coach.

What’s Included with HTYC Signature Coaching?

  • 45 minute skype sessions – Setup for the cadence you choose based on the support and expertise you need (2x, 4x or 6x coaching sessions each month)
  • Email support in between – Answering short questions in between if you’re stuck (long existential questions are better served in coaching sessions)
  • Access to your coach’s calendar to schedule your appointments at the most convenient times for you
  • Access to the entire HTYC team for resolution around anything you need (in case your coach is out of town or anything else)
  • Bonus: Happy Dancing for small wins and nearly infinite book recommendations
  • Open Access to our self guided courses library and all the tools that we have available for our clients and students
You will notice beautiful changes in yourself from the very first session, and as we work toward discerning your career direction, you will find that you feel increasingly capable and excited about making these upcoming life changes.

You will also notice positive changes across your life as a whole as you begin to embody newfound confidence in yourself and your path.

Once you’re clear on your new direction – be it corporate, entrepreneurial, or something in between- We switch into tactical mode and become your business guide and accountability partner, holding your feet to the fire to make sure that you hit your goals while maintaining warmth for you and ongoing support.

Your success is our success and we work as a team to empower you to step fully into your best self.

Our clients tell us coaching with HTYC is one of the best investments they’ve ever made in themselves.

Don’t miss your chance to apply!

What is the Investment For Career Happiness and Fulfillment

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People are you accepting into the program
We only have room for 15 people total each time we open (This is so we can make sure those people get results ) We will only accept people that are right for the program and for coaching. Beyond that it is first come first serve. (Meaning if you’re ready to make a change, don’t wait) We won’t open applications again for our Signature Career Change Coaching program for a while 4-6 times per year.

When the remaining spots are full we will add you to the waitlist to work with our team and you will have first priority.

Why the application? Why can't I just pay for coaching?
Coaching isn’t right for everyone. We want to make sure that we can help you AND that you’re going to benefit tremendously from the program. If we are not the best help for you, then I’m not interested in accepting your money!
Y'all seem pretty proud of your coaching program, What gives?
Damn Skippy. We’ve written the book on career change coaching.

Many solo coaches out there follow and copy our work, we’ve developed the only research backed coaching process specific to career change in the world.

Yes we’re proud of it and love what we do… Would you really want to get coaching from someone who wasn’t fulfilled by their work and enamored with what they get to do for their career? That would be hypocritical

How do I choose a coach?
There are two ways. Many of our clients are very familiar with our coaches already because they’ve heard them on the podcast.

For many others we pair them up with a coach that fits you and your needs and personality. We do this after you apply and we talk to you about your situation

If I apply am I committed to get coaching?
When you apply you are committing your first born child and to send me a pint of Cherry Garcia every year on my birthday.

Just kidding of course!

There isn’t an obligation to purchase coaching from us just because you apply, quite frankly we want to make sure that you are going to benefit tremendously from working with our coaches too (how do you think we get such great results for our students and clients; we make sure we can actually help first!)

We only ask that when you apply you are already committed to doing the work that is going to get you the results you’re seeking.

Plus if the Signature coaching program isn’t right for your situation, we’ll help to pair you with the type of help that will best fit you! (because there is no one size fits all and that’s how we roll!)

After you apply we’ll get on the phone or skype and talk thru your situation to decide what the best fit is to help you with what you need!

What happens after I apply?
You schedule a time on our team’s calendar that works for you. Then we get on the phone or skype and learn more about your situation.

If we can help we’ll make a recommendation and help you choose what would be the best fit for you.

If it’s an amazing fit we’ll get you all paid and registered and get you moving in the direction you want your life and career to go!