Thanks for being an Guest on the Happen to Your Career Podcast

Here's the info you need to know!

Hey there!

Thanks for coming on the Happen to Your Career Podcast!

We want to make this a great experience for you, so here's some information for you about our show and our company.

We help people stop doing work that doesn't fit, figure out what does and make it happen!

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A little about our show

  • We started in November of 2013
  • Our fans and customers are called HTYC-ers
  • We attract a lot of coffee, wine and craft beer fanatics that have a track record of achievement and are now interested in Career Meaning and Fulfillment
  • Our audience are learners (they love learning) most are readers and book buyers as well.
  • Including all HR, Hiring, Media and random interviews, Scott has done over 3000+ interviews in the last 15 years.
  • Consistently 1 of the top 5 “Career Change” Podcasts on iTunes
  • We've been voted a “Top Career Advice Podcast” by nearly 100 different blog, sites including Life Hacker, Classy Career Girl, Yahoo, 

What to expect

Scott will call you via Skype on time (Scott's Skype ID is scott.barlow28). Often our show recordings and appointments run back to back.

We usually schedule for 1 hour and target 35-45 minutes for the interview.

In order to make you sound the best possible, we want to make sure the audio quality is good. You can use a microphone with a headset (so there's no echo). In a pinch ear buds with a microphone (similar to what Apple includes with the iPhone) will work well. If you have any questions about your setup or additional options, just let us know and we can help!

If you haven't already, you can book a recording time slot here please book 45-60 minutes to allow us to do your story justice!

The Interview (35-45 minutes)

Our interviews are super informal and very conversational on purpose. Our Audience enjoys the flippant nature of our show combined with high value advice, experiences and stories.

Scott will provide a short introduction (don't worry about providing a bio – our team has already done all the research).

You have been through the HTYC experience and have your own personal success story to share with the rest of the audience.

It will be on skype (my skype ID is scott.barlow28). it's very low pressure – It will just be like having a conversation! I appreciate you being so willing to share your story with others! 
We will start with your story (where your career started) and what led you up to making this change in the first place and how you came to HTYC.
Then from there would love to dive into how you went about making the change, particularly diving into what was most difficult about making the change AND what you think worked the best for you during your career change (and I will ask you a lot of questions about what you did so you can describe it to the audience. 
Why you chose to go with HTYC and where did we help you amplify what you were already doing. 
And finally we will wrap up with any advice you would give to someone else in a similar situation

Afterwards we may do another separate video testimonial if you're up for it. 

Scott will guide you as you share the details of your stories with questions like:

  • Why did you want to make a change in the first place? (and what was stopping you?)
  • How did ____ help you with this change?
  • What results have you got (so far?)
  • What advice would you give to people who are trying to decide whether or not to work with HTYC?
  • Any other words of wisdom you would like to offer people from your journey so far?

Tips for getting good lighting and sound for the podcast/testimonial

Our audience loves personal stories. So while you may be an expert in your niche, you'll be delving into your story.

  • Your story – We dig into what your career path was, why you made the choices you did and how you made the difficult situations happen.
  • Teaching – We want you to teach something to our audience. What is your expertise- In this section we create a valuable audio class for HTYC’ers about a particular subject.
  • Sharing – You will have an opportunity to share your recent book or product as well. This is not an infomercial, so this will usually be during the wrap up.

The wrap (10-12 minutes)

We would love you to share one of your most valuable pieces of advice in your field of expertise. Also Scott will ask you where our most faithful fans can get to know you and where they can find you. (website, social media, etc)

Any books, courses, materials or anything else you are promoting that you would like us to review in advance may be sent to:

Happen To Your Career LLC

628 Dove Ct.

Moses Lake WA 98837