How to have regret you can live with:

Insights from the World’s most extreme workplace

Most people find it difficult to draw personal boundaries at work. But what happens when you’re in one of the world’s most extreme environments and workplaces known to humans?

Rachael Robertson led the Australian operations while she lived in Antarctica for one year. Not only is the outside environment harsh in Antarctica, but there are many other challenges to working in such a remote location.

“So my role as the leader in summer is operational, it’s sending out resources and it’s working out priorities, and it’s looking at the safety as well. It’s a very different job in winter. Because in winter, it’s a lot more around morale and well, mental well being and how do I keep this team motivated? When we’re in lockdown, we’re effectively in a nine month lockdown, complete isolation, we cannot come home even if we want to.”

In today’s episode, you’ll learn life-altering lessons about avoiding regret, drawing boundaries, changing the culture around you, and how to be successful in the most challenging of environments.

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