Jay Papasan

Do you want to combine your passion and your career to create a life that gives you a reason to get up in the morning?

Are you ready to go out on a limb for the life you envision for yourself?

If you know the career and life path you want to follow but aren’t sure where you can find the time to make it happen, our guest, Jay Papasan, shares the story of his career and how he makes the time to sort through life’s chaos to get it all done.

About Jay Papasan

Jay Papasan, a national best-selling author and publisher, has co-authored six national best-sellers with Gary Keller, the most recent book being The One Thing.

Jay’s willingness to step outside of his introverted nature and reach out to the right people to form connections helped him build a foundation of experience in the publishing industry. He attributes forming relationships and “just asking” the right people to leading him to more opportunities whether it was to a new job or chance to learn a new skill.

What You Will Learn

  • How a mere 15-minute appointment with yourself can change your career/life path
  • That allowing yourself to take a chance and put yourself out there can transpire a chain of events that will get you where you want to go
  • The importance of prioritizing your tasks/goals to lead to your biggest asset: TIME
  • Time management strategies you can use to change your path



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Jay's Webinar

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