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About Olivia Gamber

Olivia Gamber has climbed up the corporate ladder quickly and at a super-young age, is now the Manager of Talent and Organizational Development at Taylor Morrison. She tackled her post-graduation career uncertainty in a way that set her apart from the rest of the pack. Through self-discovery and intentional action she was able to launch an impressive career and now she’s helping her Gen Y peers to do the same through OccupationalOlivia.com.

Before graduating with a Master's Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology Olivia started researching possible careers for herself and began reaching out to people she felt could help her in her search.  Sending out as many as 10 messages PER WEEK to people she'd had introductions with, but also to people she didn't know personally at all, she requested a few moments of time to learn about their different career paths.  Olivia not only got the information she was after but also greatly expanded her network AND found her first position through one of these contacts.

The insights she gained through these conversations allowed Olivia to “get inside the minds of hiring managers” and to effectively market herself as an ideal candidate.

By focusing on what she wanted on the “front end”, Olivia was able to avoid spending time and energy on the non-targeted activities that she says hold back most of her peers.  But it didn't stop there.  She took what she learned and stepped out into the job market.  The job market is where you will get the critical feedback you need to continue growing in and shaping your career path.

Olivia says,

You can only go so far just sitting in your room thinking about your wants and your dreams – ultimately it has to intersect with the market.

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Olivia Gamber

What You Will Learn

  • How you can stand out from the crowd by being proactive and following up after initiating contact with someone.
  • The importance of building and nurturing relationships.
  • How to start gaining clarity on what you want in your career and then how to get there through taking persistent and intentional action.
  • Why being bored in your job is something that's very much in YOUR control (and NOT your boss's fault after all!) how you can combat it!

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