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About Doc Kennedy

Fear of failure cripples. It keeps you from taking action on the things you know can lead you to realizing your dreams and living up to your potential. Doc Kennedy let the fear paralyze him for a long time. But, after a volunteer position gave him the skills and the confidence he needed and his dream of becoming a filmmaker started to look like a reality, he decided to go all in!  He transitioned into filmmaking full-time.

Starting out as a freelancer with little work lined up, Doc soon started to experience the more stressful side of being self-employed, living off of his “side fund” while building his business. He knew though, that if he hadn't made the leap when he did, he wouldn't have done it at all.

The timing wasn't going to get any better than it was. – Doc Kennedy

Doc is now hitting his stride, after many lessons learned in his first year as an entrepreneur.  He freely acknowledges the huge role his mentors played in his new career and has set up Filmmaker's Focus now as a way to help the next wave of aspiring filmmakers!

There's a lot to be said for just getting started.  This is what differentiates the successful from those who just look on from the sidelines.  The time will NEVER be just right.  Get into motion and you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish!

I’m nowhere close to where I envisioned myself, but thank God I’m not where I was. – Doc Kennedy


You know, fear of failure is just

What You Will Learn

  • How to push past the fear of failure and move towards your dream career.
  • Doc's advice for those getting ready to make a career transition.  He shares what he did that worked AND what he wishes he'd done in preparing for his career change.
  • The power of taking action
  • The importance of building a financial “runway” to ease your transition to a new career.
  • The role of mentors in your career development and the value in giving back and helping others in their career paths.

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Your turn!

What's stopping YOU from pursuing your dream?  How long will you let it continue to stop you?


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