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About Mark McClung

If the idea of turning your passion into your dream job sounds exciting, this is the episode for you! Mark McClung is a man with marketing and entrepreneurship in his veins. In high school he was active with DECA, an international organization that develops emerging leaders in business. He’s had his sights set on attaining a high-level marketing position from a young age, and through persistence and leveraging the skills he was able to gain through his “passion projects”, he turned his dream into reality!

As a college student studying marketing and advertising and wanting some “real world experience”, Mark walked into small businesses and offered to help them with their marketing efforts.  A local ice skating rink took him up on his offer and his first “passion project” was off and running!  His next project involved connecting hotels with local restaurants through tabletop advertising.  He made enough money to put himself through school, learning a few incredible valuable lessons and picking up some impressive skills along the way!  Mark says he's learned everything from graphic design to accounting to the nuts and bolts of running a business.  Working with his wife on a business that provided classroom design ideas for educators taught him even more, including SEO and Google Analytics.

Everything Mark gained from all of his projects helped him land the marketing position with Hyundai he'd had his eye for so long.  He uses his blogging and public speaking now to inspire others, particularly young adults, to pursue their “passion projects” as a way to discover more about themselves, to acquire valuable career skills, and to create the opportunities they want!

Mark's advice is to “treat everything as a learning experience.  If it's something you enjoy, it won't seem like work to study it.”


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What You Will Learn

  • The very important distinction between a “passion project” and a “side hustle
  • How the things you love to do can translate into a lucrative side business and ALSO teach you the skills you need to position yourself as the perfect candidate if your dream job involves working for someone else.
  • How to develop a long term, “big picture” mindset and see how the things you can start doing today can lead you to wherever you want to go in your career.
  • Why, if you have a passion and want to see where it can take you, getting started is the best thing you can do!

Relevant Links and Resources

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DECA – an international non-profit organization that develops young leaders and entrepreneurs

For more on career exploration and taking action:

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Twitter:  @mydailymark

Your Turn!

What are YOU passionate about?  What skills are you looking to develop?  What's YOUR Dream Job?

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