Meet Your Coach: Evangelia LeClaire

Evangelia LeClaire: Career Coach

Finding career fulfillment is a painful, soul-sucking process, so I’ve vowed to make it purposeful, productive and fun.

I got your back.

I’ve helped more than 15,000 professionals find fulfilling careers through my business, Career Ready Set Rock, past work as VP of operations for Dream Careers, as a career coach at The Muse, and now at Happen to Your Career.

I’m a dreamer, doer and trail-blazer. I’ve gone from campus to a career at a Fortune 100 company, to a start-up that I helped build and grow to be a global organization. I’ve leaned in, transitioned, pivoted and side hustled. I’m a career-driven professional and a proud mom who manages multiple priorities to live my dreams and serve others.

I’ll inspire you to take action through organized systems, processes, and resources that drive results and build relationships, and I’ll take great care in providing a custom-tailored approach to help you discover and build your dream career.  

Favorite Book: 

The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success and Happiness by Jeff Olson

The slight edge is a simple concept that reaps rewards. It’s based on the premise that simple activities you do daily, over time, will propel you toward achieving a goal or dream. For the job seeker who wants to discover his or her dream career and build a network, it may be reaching out to gain information from an industry profession daily. For the online business professional who wants to gain wide-reach and visibility, it may be adding value and connecting with influencers daily. What is it for you?

Fun Fact 1:  

When I was 21, I jumped out of a plane in South Africa as part of a test group to develop safety standard procedures for tandem jumping. I’d say that’s the greatest risk I’ve ever taken in my life.

Fun Fact 2:

Back in 2005, when my former boss and I were exploring partnerships with companies, we cold contacted TheFacebook by literally knocking on the door of their apartment in Palo Alto, CA.  It look liked a messy college dorm room.  Unfortunately, we didn’t land a partnership, and I regret not following up. 😉

Assessments Results:

Top 5 Clifton Strengthfinder Themes:

  1. Maximizer
  2. Focus
  3. Strategic
  4. Communication
  5. Futuristic

DiSC: Strong D, I
Enneagram: I’m a #3


  • Positive and Assertive Communication
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success Developing Your Leadership Voice
  • Career Coaching Constructs
  • The Phases of Dream Discovery and Pursuit
Why you do coaching with HTYC:

I work for Happen to Your Career because I wholeheartedly believe in what HTYC stands for and the company is congruent with my values, passions and goals. There is tremendous value provided on the podcast, the free and paid content and coaching.  Above all, the HTYC folks are genuinely caring and good-hearted people!

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