Meet Your Coach: Avery Roth

Avery Roth: Career Coach

Avery Roth is a Career Change Coach with HTYC. Her background in finance and as a startup strategist helps her to size up clients’ career and business goals in methodical way with a clear focus on outcomes. She is also known for being approachable, empathetic and fun. Avery has been coaching startup founders for five years through her company, The Startup Consulting Group, and brings her toolkit to career changers through her coaching program change@work as well as through HTYC!

Favorite Book: 

“Siddhartha,” by Hermann Hesse. Beautiful prose and profound spiritual lessons.

Fun Fact:

I play the drums! Check me out:

Assessments Results:

  • Strengths Finder: Intellection, Input, Strategic, Developer, Restorative


Why you do coaching with HTYC:

My mission is to help people to build and enjoy balanced, fulfilling careers.

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What peeps say after working with Avery

I signed up to work with HTYC to help me figure out my next steps on my personal career journey. I had come to the point in my current job where I realized that I just wasn’t in a position where I wanted to spend my next 30 years until retirement. I didn’t know where to go to find a good fit for me though, and that’s when I reached out for help.

I worked with Avery Roth as a career coach, who helped me figure out a course to plot for my career goals. She worked with me to develop an inventory of my personal strengths, which gave me a great deal of personal insight into what my best talents and skills are. We then broke down my personal passions and values to design career profiles that would fit me. Going through this process gave me for the first time in years an idea of where I want to go for my next career move. What’s more, after working through the career exercises, I feel I know myself better, including my greatest strengths and what fuels my passions. 

I can’t speak highly enough of Avery during this process. She is quite possibly one of the most relentlessly positive people I have ever worked with. She truly came to every discussion with a passion for helping me succeed, and helped me to get new and unique perspectives along my personal journey. She always took time to work through my sessions with me (even when things went over our meeting time) and really cared about me making progress each week. The exercises we worked on were really great in helping me gain an understanding of what I want from a career and from life.

I would strongly recommend Avery and the HTYC team to anyone who is stuck on their career journey and needs some help. They are truly worth the great insights and clarity they can provide towards helping you figure out your next career move.”

Stephen Wilson

Avery has been an extremely effective and inspiring coach for me as I conduct an in-depth evaluation of my short and long-term professional goals, core underlying strengths and weaknesses, and my career path to date, all in an effort to guide me through a life changing pivot.

David Katz

Senior Manager of Corporate Development at

Avery is a clear, grounded, and focused coach who can see straight through to the core of a situation. She’s a master at sharing concepts and outlining steps at a pace that I can absorb. Add to the mix that she’s got a warmth and generosity that only someone with her heart of gold can possess.

Elissa Weinzimmer

Founder of Voice Body Connection and Recent Founder of Fembodiment