Scott Anthony Barlow

Alyssa Barlow

My story is not amazing. At least not until I stop and look back. I feel like  I am just a regular guy, but everywhere I go it’s apparent that I am weird. My wife, Alyssa, confirms this and really she’s right. Not weird like  I have an assortment of peacock feather boas that I rotate and wear to work 1 for each day of the week, but weird as in I just don’t care what everyone else is doing.

I now live in Moses Lake, WA with Alyssa and my three children, Mackenzie, Camden and Grayson who provide me inspiration every day to progress in my own career every day by helping others get where they want to go. Now I am debt free, I make a six figure income, Alyssa gets to stay at home to raise our 3 children, Mackenzie, Camden and Grayson, and my career is made up of several different activities that I love.

I am a mother of three children 18 months apart, 1 girl and 2 boys. I  am a certified teacher in the state of Washington with a bachelors degree in reading. I taught kindergarten and first grade for 9 years, after graduating from college, until I  was able to pursue my passion as a stay at home mom. I believe that a parent is a child’s first teacher and even as a young child I remember wanting nothing more than being a mom when I grew up. I love being able to use my natural talents as an educator with my own children at home in all areas of life not just schooling. I am married to Scott, a true entrepreneur. He challenges me and the children daily to live life to our full potential and with a great passion. He is the wow, I am the how. I love to organize and keep,things running smoothly. I am also a bit of a nerd and enjoy working with the numbers of the business.

This is the team that makes it happen for our students, clients, and partners. Every day!

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Evangelia LeClaire

I’ll inspire you to take action through organized systems, processes, and resources that drive results and build relationships, and I’ll take great care in providing a custom-tailored approach to help you discover and build your dream career.

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Lisa Lewis

She is a career strategy coach specializing in helping ambitious people clarify big scary career decisions and create a laser-like focus in entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Avery Roth

Avery Roth is a Career Change Coach with HTYC. Her background in finance and as a startup strategist helps her to size up clients’ career and business goals in methodical way with a clear focus on outcomes.

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Jacqueline “JC” Pelsey

If you’ve dabbled in a wide array of industries- we’re talking “The Island of Misfit [Job Choices]” here- I feel ya. Despite spanning across several space, her roles have managed to share a common thread; experience-forward and stakeholder-centric.

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Kirby Verceles

She was a client of HTYC and, hands down, it was the greatest investment of her career. She just want to be part of the solution that helps people get out of the funk that she had been in for so long.

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Joshua Rivers

He is the Podcast Manager, but has been a follower and supporter of HTYC since the beginning. Since joining the team, he has helped to make improvements to the HTYC podcast.

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Mike Goodman

Mike is the Community Success Manager and makes sure our audience and community get connected to the right people on our team or resources so they can get the help they need! A career changer himself, Mike knows how important it is to find work that you enjoy doing.