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Scott Barlow - Founder & CEO -Happen to Your Career

Lisa Lewis -Career Coach at Happen to Your Career

Join our expert career coaches Scott Barlow & Lisa Lewis to find out how to stop wasting time in a job and figure out the work that fits you!

  • Why you MUST focus on how you want to spend your days, not your job title. 
  • How to avoid getting stuck with soul-sucking tasks and projects you're good at but really hate. 
  • Secret ninja skills to "test drive" potential positions and companies FAST. 
  • How to match your values with potential companies BEFORE you waste your time interviewing.
  • The four biggest obstacles blocking you from finding a career you love (they're not what you think!)

Want personal advice? There'll be time for that, too. The master class will conclude with a Q&A where you can ask Scott and Lisa anything about finding a new career that fits you. 

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