HTYC128 (3)

About this episode

Are you looking to make the move to a career that fits you?  How about taking an inside look at how our process for finding work you’ll love REALLY works?  

Eric Murphy is an HTYC’er who took the time to identify exactly what he wanted in his career and in his life and then put together a plan to get it all.  You’ll hear how he figured out what was most important to him in a role and in company culture and how he then targeted only those companies that met his criteria.  Find how being intentional about your job search can get you the results you really want!


What You Will Learn

  • You’ll get an inside look at how the HTYC process REALLY works to help you find the work you’ll love? 
  • Find out how far a 15min phone call can take you in landing the job you want
  • AND…the old dating as career analogy makes a return!


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