Mark Sieverkropp, HTYC, Happen To Your CareerMark Sieverkropp is on the show again this week with Scott.  This time, however it will be more of a traditional HTYC Interview, with Scott asking Mark about his career journey and how he’s used what he talks about in his book, Project: Success to get to where he is today…as always when these two get together, there are certainly some laughs!  Enjoy!



Books & Resources Mark Sieverkropp Mentions in the Interview

 by Richie Norton


Who Inspires Mark Sieverkropp?

Chris LoCurto (listen to Chris LoCurto’s HTYC interview here)



Check out Mark Sieverkropp’s Endeavors

 Mark’s new book

Planning stages of an event in Fall 2014

The 24 Podcast




Connect with Mark Sieverkropp


LinkedIn – Mark’s blog


 Question: Have you read Project:Success? If so, what do you like about it? 


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